About Us

Life is an animation studio/postproduction house that focuses on character design and animation.

Over the last seven years we have developed many of the characters that make up the Colombian advertising landscape. We’ve achieved it through the talent of our animators and a workflow that points to results that break visual and technical standards. Passion and a constant search for an aesthetic that sets us apart and at the same time builds identity for our brand partners are our team values.


We are continually haunting talented 3D artists, motion designers, compositors and people with a strong passion for animation, story telling and design. Click to find out MORE!


Santiago Tobón

General Director

My job at Life is to keep our forward drive going, to visualize projects in all their potential, and to care for our creative environment’s creative energies. I’m a graphic artist by profession, so I’m a bit obsessed with detail and I highly enjoy seeing an idea materialize through the talent of the people beside me.
I’m interested in learning more stories, narratives, visual styles and techniques we can use to ground our projects. Of course, what we do today can be seen the world over, so it’s a challenge for me to keep a creative and technical standard that lets us show our work with pride and satisfaction.

Rodrigo Guzmán

Executive Producer

I’ve got Life stuck in my head. My job is to handle budgets, organize projects internally, to visualize timelines and to give the best customer, ally and partner service. I have worked for 16 years in the postproduction business, in both AV and sound areas.

Andrés Felipe Hernández

TD, Animation Director

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to do what I most enjoy in life, creating and setting down all the ideas that come to my mind, and making a good living off it, on top of it all. I’ve also been lucky to work with a company that boasts an incredible team that shares my love for this profession.

Mauricio Cañón

Animation Director

I’ve been a 3D generalist for 12 years, 7 of those working with this team. I’ve had to learn a lot about everything, every project has its own shape and this is what makes it interesting. I like being able to perform in any aspect of 3D, but if pressed I would say my specialties are modelling and rendering.

Didier Moreno

Postproduction/VFX Director

I like the process of figuring out what is the best way to create a moving image, what’s filmed, what it’s composed of, what is needed to create a specific atmosphere. I spend a lot of time developing and finding new techniques to achieve this, and many more hours keeping track of what is happening in the profession.

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