Alpin - Fábrica

Character Animation & Commercial

This commercial, directed by Santiago Tobón, once again makes the Alpin cats interact with the real world. Capi takes a child to a magical factory in the mountains to teach him about the benefits of drinking Alpin.

ALPIN. Characters. CLIENT ALPINA: Susana triviño, Alejandro Acevedo POST + ANIMATIÓN Life


Here we see some of the environment development sketches, it needed to emphasize Alpin’s natural values so we proposed an outdoors scene, with milk cows grazing freely, a waterfall, a huge machine to mix in the chocolate and another to add the vitamins and minerals.

3D Development 

Our biggest technical challenge was the management of 3D assets in very wide shots where we had up to 30 animated characters with hair, fluid simulation, particles and large scale stage design.


The three stages we got from our location. 1. Home dining room, where we used a huge patio to film chromas. 2. 3d intervention of image 1 with stage design. 3. Final result in a more closed shot of the child’s studio.