Character Design & Animation 

This is one of the brand characters we love the most. Colombia has seen him go from a crayon graphic to the adventurous character he is now. When we got him in 2009, he was barely starting in his first 3D version. We’ve been lucky to travel with this character over seven years of development in animation, commercials and packaging print formats, POP and even trucks. Alpinito’s most distinctive feature of is the many versions of him that have been made, strengthening his world.


«Fireman, karateka, student, scientist, miner, explorer, skater, astronaut, aviator… Some of the many versions of Alpinito that have been the starting point for stories, adventures, and brand promotions.

Ref. Alpiamigo

Ref. Alpivasos

Ref. Dedoalpinitos

Ref. Rally

Ref. Paletas