Character Redesign & Animation

On January 2013 we were invited by TBWA Medellin and GRUPO FAMILIA to generate a redesign proposal for the Pequeñin brand duckling mascot. It was an amazing opportunity, we were able to work without rushing for three months. Drawing, erasing, correcting, modeling, adding hair, rigging, animating. Our presentation was the most painstaking work we’ve ever done in brand character redesign. After 7 months we finally produced a Pequeñin spot with the new duck.

PEQUEÑÍN.  Character Design. CLIENT Grupo Familia AGENCY TBWA Medellín: Martín Delgado, Ana Tamayo, Natalia Bustamante, Mónica Delgado DESIGN+POST+ANIMATION Life

We developed many frames in redesigning Pequeñin. From a historic revision of the character, comparisons to identify failings in previous versions, sketches, illustrated character guides, modelling, fur and feather treatments, different attire and situations aimed at standarizing the character in its 3d incarnation.

Traditional character illustration

Our 3D version of the same image


Pequeñin ref. Juegos

Pequeñin ref. Acolchamax

Pequeñín ref. Nochecita

Pequeñín ref. Sensitive

Pequeñín ref. Recién Nacido