Serie de televisión

In 2018 I had the opportunity to produce, direct and do the production design of this beautiful children’s series for audiences between 3 and 7 years old.

The series is a co-production between Canal Trece Colombia and Colectivo Animal who came to me with a wonderful children’s album that already had a journey of more than 6 years and the general plot of this series.

I was fortunate to work alongside my friend and screenwriter Adriana Arjona to achieve in record time this content working with puppeters and a fantastic team of artists on set and in our post-production house.


An Enchanted Forest and the Mistery of Water

The Rainbow Village has ran out of water and so has the brightness and happiness as well. Aluna and Karun have been chosen to go to the Enchanted Forest and discover the mystery of water.

In this adventure, Aluna and Karun will meet many magical animals: the Golden Hummingbird, the Weaver Spider and Grandpa Owl, among many others.

To the beat of fun songs, Aluna and Karun will remember the impressive powers they hold within. Thanks to these powers, and with the help of their new animal friends, they will find the animal that sings to water and makes it rain: the Little Frog! But Little Frog has turned to stone: she is sad to see nobody takes care of water. Aluna and Karun will show her that they hold within them the power to take care of water.

Aluna and Karun know that we’re all guardians of water and that with we must take care of it as the precious treasure that it is. Will they be able to convince the Little Frog of singing to make water return to the Rainbow Village?

Production Design

The Project came into my hands with the idea of being an animated series but, taking into account the freedom I had to define a visual that made it possible to produce the series in the shortest time possible, I decided to work a mix between real (filmed) characters, puppets and digital set designs. In this way, I was able to rehearse with actors meanwhile the scripts were being written, develop the puppets and at the same time define the Look of the sets.

The visual style mixes photography, paper modeling, acrylic painted shapes and children’s illustration with crayon. These techniques are mixed in the different spaces that Aluna and Karún run through in the series.

Bearing in mind that this is a series aimed at early childhood, I wanted to give a theatrical approach to the staging front-facing the camera to the action and thus, the sets were designed wide so that the characters could walk and traverse the space before reaching the place where the dialogue was to take place.

Gallery on Set

Many, many hours and days of rehearsal to be able to achieve all 9 episodes of 15 minutes in just 5 shooting days. A first unit with two cameras for the story of Aluna and Karún and a second unit for the didactic capsules.