Santiago Tobón

Project Director + ART DIRECTOR

I’m originally -and at heart- a Graphic Designer. At the beginning of my career I worked at Leo Burnett Colombia as an Art Director. From there, I switched to directing commercials. From Motion Graphics, I quickly moved to 2D and 3D animation, live action and all mixed media. During the past 20 years I have directed more than 500 spots of all kinds.

I have created and led teams of motion-graphers, 2D and 3D animation artists for the biggest brands and clients in Colombia and Latin America, in projects ranging from commercials, brand character design, to digital content and web series.

Working so many years in advertising has given me the artistry to create diverse visual languages and to apply with great skill different components of brand design.

My greatest creative strength is my ability to create visual languages using different techniques. I applied this approach in my two latest series, where I created innovative visual languages: “An Enchanted Forest” a mini series for kids where I worked as Director and Production Designer, and “In Search for Greatness” an award winning web series for Ab Inbev´s Bogota Beer Company.

Parallel to my work as a Director and Art Director, in recent years I have been working on a more personal – artistic work. Visit my Instagram to have a look!